Frequently asked questions

Digital Jukebox Hire

Is the Jukebox is easy to use?
In the ten years, we’ve been hiring FunkyDiva jukeboxes no one has ever told that they are too complicated. Its touch screen and its really user friendly. And we will go through everything with you on delivery.
Who controls the volume?
The host has a password which allows only the host to control the volume.
Can I delete requests?
Yes, the same password gives the host control of the playlist
What happens if no one selects a song?
The jukebox will never be quiet-it will play songs at random if there isn’t a request
I have a “special song”; how do I know it will be on the jukebox?
Request a music list now here and if you can’t find he song tell us a couple of weeks ahead of your party and we’ll add it FOC.
I would like several songs added?
With over 17,000 songs already on the jukebox there shouldn’t be too many you can’t find but tell us how many and we’ll let you know how much you a token cost will be. There is no limit to the songs we can add for you.
Can I play my own music through the jukebox?
Yes, you can use our powerful speakers to playback songs from your phone or tablet but please let us know beforehand.
I’m having a party at home, can I still have Funky Diva ?
Of course, in the kitchen, living room, conservatory, garden, just about anywhere.
Can I FunkyDiva in a marquee?
We’ve done 100’s of marquee bookings. Like with any electrical equipment Funky Diva should be under weather proof cover and with close access to a safe power supply (normal domestic type sockets)
I’m using a generator for power, will Funky Diva work?
Yes no problem but please note we can’t supply the generator
What about stairs?
The jukebox is not wide but it is heavy so let know beforehand if there are stairs to your venue as we may require some help.
Do you offer lights?
What is the period of hire and what about delivery?
Up to 24 hours but we are very flexible when it comes to convenient delivery and collection times. We will always discuss the arrangements with you well before the day.
Are you insured and what about PAT?
Yes, we have £10m public liability insurance and all our equipment is PAT tested.
What's the Dimensions of FunkyDiva?
Its 150mm high 50cm wide x 45cm deep.

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