How do I select songs to play
With FUNKYDIVA deciding what music you would like for your party is a child’s play. You can browse or search for your favourite artist, song or genre and once you find what you were looking for, simply add it to the play list. The play list then just keeps on playing in the selected order. It will also show you how long it will take until your song comes up.
Who controls the volume and playlist?
As the party host you will get a password that will allow you to control the volume and the playlist. There is also a way to change it if too many people at the party dicover what the password is.
What happens if nobody selects a song?
The jukebox will pick a song randomly from the entire library - needless to say, that could be anything.
Can I play tracks which are not on the jukebox?
Yes and no. If you want, we can add some songs for you to the jukebox if these are not on there. If it's just a couple of songs we will do that as complimentary service. Alternatively, you can use just the speakers to playback something from your personal player.
What are dimensions of the jukebox?
The FunkyDiva jukebox is 150cm high, 50cm wide and 45cm deep. It comes we two speakers each of which is 60cm high, 40cm wide and 50cm deep.
Is FunkyDiva a karaoke machine?
Unfortunately not. We do not provide karaoke services.

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